Institute of Mechanics - Department of Civil Engineering, Geo and Environmental Sciences

Statik starrer Körper (Statics of Rigid Bodies)

  • type: lecture / exercises
  • semester: 1. FS
  • time:

    winter semester

  • sws: 3 / 2
  • ects: 7
  • lv-no.: 6200101 / 6200102

Statics of Rigid Bodies


  • Operations with forces –force systems - Method of sections
  • Equilibrium of coplanar/spatial force systems
  • Force systems, acting on bodies - resultants
  • Force couple - moments
  • Reduction of spatial force systems
  • Equilibrium of rigid bodies
  • Technical tasks – conventions for support and support conditions – statically determined support, equilibrium conditions
  • Centroid of an assemblage and of continuous quantities, distributed loads/area loads
  • Coplanar systems of rigid bodies – technical systems
  • Internal forces and moments
  • Ideal truss systems – buildup principle – Ritter’s method of sections
  • Section forces in beams – distribution of internal forces and moments – differential equation
  • The principle of superposition
  • Friction stick and slip (static and kinetic) – belt friction
  • Potential force, potential principles of work and energy
  • Stable and unstable equilibrium, stability

The basic concepts of the performance of structures carrying loads is taught using the model of rigid bodies. Relying on a few physical basic principles, starting from simple bodies, systems of rigid bodies are investigated.  Synthetic and analytic approaches and their realization in engineering methods are presented. In connection with principle methodical approaches the investigation of technical systems, especially of civil engineering structures is in the centre of the lecture. A major goal is in addition the independent learning of the material, supported by classroom exercises and supervised group exercises.

Form of examination: written (100 min)

Prerequisites: school knowledge of mathematics and physics

Others: in addition tutorials are offered, voluntarily, supervised