Schriftenreihe des Instituts für Mechanik

Band 10
Pfefferkorn, Robin: EAS elements for solid mechanics - mesh distortion insensitive and hourglassing-free formulations with increased robustness, Dissertation, 2023, DOI

Band 9
Schulte, Jonathan: Multi-field modeling and simulation of fiber-reinforced polymers. Dissertation Universität Siegen, 2023, DOI

Band 8
Hund, Jonas: Characterisation and modelling of PC/ABS blend. Dissertation, 2022, DOI

Band 7
Schiebl, Mark: Thermodynamically consistent space-time discretization of non-isothermal mechanical systems in the framework of GENERIC. Dissertation, 2021, DOI

Band 6
Janz, Alexander: Structure-preserving space-time discretization in a mixed framework for multi-field problems in large strain elasticity. Dissertation, 2019, DOI

Band 5
Yang, Yinping: Numerical methods for the inverse dynamics simulation of underactuated mechanical systems. Dissertation, 2017, DOI

Band 4
Dittmann, Maik: Isogeometric analysis and hierarchical refinement for multi-field contact problems. Dissertation, 2017, DOI

Band 3
Helbig, Martin: Mehrskalenmodellierung von Schädigung in gummimodifizierten thermoplastischen Kunststoffen.
Dissertation, 2018, DOI

Band 2
Hempel, Philipp: Constitutive modeling of amorphous thermoplastic polymers with special emphasis on manufacturing processes. Dissertation, 2016, DOI

Band 1
Franke, Marlon: Discretisation techniques for large deformation computational contact elastodynamics. Dissertation, 2014, DOI