Veröffentlichungen 2020

Strobl, M., Seelig, Th.: Phase field modeling of Hertzian indentation fracture. J. Mech. Phys. Solids, Vol. 143, 2020, DOI

Pfefferkorn, R., Betsch, P.: Extension of the enhanced assumed strain method based on the structure of polyconvex strain-energy functions. Int. J. Numer. Meth. Engng, 121(8), 1695-1737, 2020, DOI

Yang, Y., Betsch, P., Zhang, W.: Numerical integration for the inverse dynamics of a large class of cranes. Multibody Syst. Dyn., Vol. 48(1), 1-40, 2020, DOI

Betsch, P., Schiebl, M.: GENERIC-based formulation and discretization of initial boundary value problems for finite strain thermoelasticity, Comput. Mech., 65:503-531, 2020, DOI

Konferenz- und Workshopbeiträge 2020